Smart Mobility System(SMOC)

SMOC (Smart Mobility Operation Cloud)

We provide OEM (white label) systems to businesses that require implement mobility services.

PRT (Primary Rapid Transit)

Using IT to Ensure Disciplined Transportation

We provide IT to realize disciplined transportation for areas suffering from chaotic traffic.
For example, optimal dispatch of vehicles according to travel demand, uniform control between vehicles,
and effective use of available resources during off-peak hours.

Services and Products

SMOC is composed of four elements

  • User application used by passengers
  • Driver application that allows drivers to check their schedules and instructions from the system
  • Operator application that allows operation managers to manage the current status of operations and forecasting of operations.
  • Server-side functionality to accumulate and analyze data for higher productivity
  • User application
    Smartphone application referred to by passengers. Includes the ability to check vehicle location, purchase electronic tickets, and on-demand vehicle dispatch.
  • Driver application
    An application for smartphones or tablets that drivers refer to. It includes a vehicle spacing function, a job list and an on-demand vehicle dispatch function.
    The car spacing adjustment function displays on-screen instructions to the driver to speed up, slow down, or maintain speed in order to maintain an approximately equal distance from the vehicles in front of and behind.
    The task list displays a list of the daily schedule, allowing the driver to follow the instructions and perform his/her duties to ensure efficient operation.
    On-demand vehicle dispatch is available outside of regular route operating hours, and can be provided in two forms: one is like a cab, where the driver specifies the boarding and disembarking locations and connects them, and the other is like an hourly vehicle reservation operation (destination is not specified).
  • Operator Application
    Application for tablets to be used by operation managers. In addition to the current position of the vehicle, the difference between the current position and the ideal position can be checked. In addition, driver schedules can be generated automatically. In addition, the performance against the generated schedule can be shown in an easy-to-understand manner by displaying the number of points.
  • Server-side
    It accumulates data, analyzes the accumulated data, and also stores business logic, such as when generating schedules.
    In schedule generation, the system predicts travel demand based on past boarding records and generates an operation schedule for the following day and beyond (using AI).


・Operation mode changeable on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis

The system allows to monitor vehicle operation status, manage vehicle dispatch according to travel demand,
and take operational modes.

・Adjustment between cars without timetable

Equally spaced operations with no timetable setting

Zenmov e-Drive

Car-sharing, cycle-sharing, and other services for personal and company vehicles

Features, Functions

・Easy-to-use services
Rent where the user wants

  • Pick-up points can be freely designated
  • Support center & concierge can be set up
  • Remote lending & payment

・Easy-to-use application
Available remotely without complicated procedures

  • Remote identification
  • Remote driver’s license verification
  • Reservations can be made without user registration
  • Key open/close function
  • E-payment

・Consideration for the Environmentally Conscious
Functions for checking the amount of charge and calculating CO2 reduction when using electric vehicles